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How much is your life worth?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Tuesday August 21, 2007 )

I was talking to a web designer a couple of days ago who was having trouble pricing his services. When starting out, it certainly can be hard to peg an hourly rate or quote on projects.

Some will set their rates too high, but many will come in way too low in order to secure those first crucial jobs, which is quite understandable – back in the day I did the same with my services and often paid the price :).

If you find yourself in this situation, keep in mind not just how much you think your services are worth, but also how much you consider your life is worth.

Consider that while you’re working, every breath you take, every heartbeat, every day you spend on a project will be one less of your life. You’ll never get those breaths, heartbeats or days back. They are gone forever. By bearing this in mind, you may find yourself saying “dammit, no! I’m worth more than that!” .. and quote accordingly with confidence.

If you’re going to offer your services cheaply in order to establish yourself, be careful how often you do it. People will come to expect it otherwise, some may even treat your time with less respect for doing so. By disrespecting your time, they are also disrespecting your life.

This not only applies to quoting on web development work, ecommerce or marketing projects, but everything we do in life. The decisions we make may provide us with something, but there’s always something taken.

The trick is to achieve balance and ultimately to get to the end of this life and be able to look back and see that what you put in is what you got back – whether it’s money, fame, the inner fulfilment of helping others or just a general sense of accomplishment; what’s important is different for everyone. Money may not be your prime motivator, but money can help free you up to attend to other things that may be more important to you.

I guess what triggered these thoughts and the “what’s your life worth” advice to the designer was a death in my partner’s family on the weekend; which always reminds me of my mother’s passing; someone else whose life was cut short way, way too soon. Sometimes these events make you really stop and think about how we approach business and life in general.

.. and then life goes on and before long we forget those lessons :)

I’ll finish this post with a favorite Pink Floyd quote:

“You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun”


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