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SSH and Unix commands tutorial

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Saturday August 12, 2006 )

Ever heard a couple of geeks yapping about command line related tasks or adventures and felt the stirrings of Unix envy?

Come in from the cold and get on the path to ubergeekdom.. well, not quite, but the longest journey does begin with a single step :).

If you’ve ever wanted to explore to the world of SSH and Unix commands, but have balked at the prospect because the tutorials you’ve tried require a university degree, try my new beginners guide.

In my tutorial, you won’t learn how to hack into government or military computer systems, but you’ll learn enough to boost your confidence to a level where perhaps you’ll want to explore the world of the command line in greater depth.

Basic knowledge of SSH and Unix commands is very handy indeed, especially when it comes to decompressing or archiving databases and large file sets on your server, working with cron and password protecting folders within in a secure environment. Unix commands don’t just work with Unix, they are also compatible with other *nix operating systems such as Linux and FreeBSD.

Enough said, enjoy my beginners guide to SSH and Unix commands.


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