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Automated spell checking for sites

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Saturday June 27, 2009 )

Being your own proof reader is fraught with hazards. This tool may help.

If you crank out content at a fairly brisk pace, chances are you don’t spend a lot of time on proof reading your own work. In my early days of working the web, I used to invest a great deal of time on this aspect, but as my schedule became more hectic, I grew more lax.

Even if you do spend a lot of time on proof reading your content you create, because it is your own work, your brain will play tricks and often you’ll miss typos and spelling errors. It becomes even more challenging if you’re writing for different sites and different audiences; for example, if one site is US focused and the other focused on Australians. You’d be surprised at the number of differences in spelling between the two countries.

This being the case, it’s always best to run copy by someone else – not just anyone, but somebody who knows how to proof read. As this isn’t always possible, a new service called may help. is a web-based application that reviews a web site and reports back on spelling errors.

It can automatically identify & spell check old and new content or only a specific section of a web site.You can flag specific content such as blog comments to be ignored during the spell check process.

While won’t help with grammatical issues, it looks to be a good way to have a proof reader on tap to at least reduce typos and spelling errors. The service comes in a few different English flavors – US, UK, CA, AU & International English. offers a free trial – check it out here.


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