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Socially conscious outsourcing

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Monday November 9, 2009 )

Outsourcing is very prevalent among online businesses and there’s now a way to be a bit more socially conscious in the way we go about it.

Sweat shops are by no means confined to the physical world of goods production. Web workers, be they programmers or marketing help chasing inbound links, are often paid miserable wages.

While a buck of our currency may buy a lot in some countries, it’s still important to ensure that the people doing the work are being fairly paid and that your dollars aren’t mainly going to the guy running the team.

Enter Samasource

Samasource derives its name from the Sanskrit word sama, which means “equal”.

Samasource’s mission is to reduce poverty by connecting women, youth, and other marginalized people to dignified, computer-based work.

Samasource says it uses stringent social impact and quality criteria to verify our partners’ technical abilities and commitment to social responsibility. Fewer than 20% of firms who apply are selected to participate in the provision of services to the network.

They supply services for projects large and small, ranging in value from $70 – $100,000. Areas of expertise include data entry and digitization, web development, image and site moderation, application testing, video and audio services, project management and research assistance.

Samasource is also investigating the possibility of working with poor communities in the U.S.

If you’re considering outsourcing, consider Samasource. Even if you aren’t, you can help them out with donations and wish-list items.

Socially conscious outsourcing is a great way for your online business to have a positive impact on the world!


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