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Consumers hungry for eatery sites

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Tuesday May 8, 2007 )

If you own a restaurant or other form of eatery, take note – many potential hungry customers will scope you out online before deciding to turn up at your establishment with their wallets! Web developers, here’s a great niche for you to target!

According to this article, over a third of adults stated they used the Internet to check out a restaurant they hadn’t visited before, well up on the 13% who stated the same in 1999.

Does your eatery’s web presence reflect the delicacies that can be found at your establishment? How long since you updated or upgraded your site?

I’ve seen quite a few restaurant sites that basically only state “here we are, here’s the booking number”. No menus to showcase dishes, no images of fresh mouth-watering food, no reviews, really nothing to entice. As most restauranteurs know, a single meal can turn into a lifetime customer; so there’s great value in ensuring your web site accurately reflects your culinary quality.

I really shouldn’t have written this post so close to dinner time :).

If you’re a web developer or designer, the research from the Restaurant association referred to in the article should be proof enough of why a restaurant should have a good web site – all you need to do is start approaching all the restaurants in your area with that sort of information. If you haven’t created sites for eateries before, create a mock one to show that you can turn someone like me into a salivating new customer.

Time for dinner.. hmm.. cold cuts.. dang.


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