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The dangers of PLR article packs

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Friday February 20, 2009 )

Content is king and while original content is the way to go, some site owners choose to take a risky shortcut with PLR (Private Label Rights) article packs.

Private Label Rights means you can reproduce the articles on your site, or use them in products to sell or give away. You can change the article however you wish and here’s the interesting bit.. some even let you say the pieces were authored by you!

Sounds like a dream come true for a busy site owner right? There’s a problem though – you wind up with a ton of identical articles “written” by different authors popping up all over the web which can arouse suspicion in your readers.

It’s quite amusing to go to some self proclaimed Internet marketing guru’s site and come across articles on marketing they claim to have authored that have obviously come from a PLR article pack.

Worse still, some of these PLR article packs have content that’s been sourced using somewhat questionable practices. It’s been more than once in the last 8 years that I’ve seen one of my totally original articles with another author’s name on it. When I’ve tapped the person on the shoulder to explain the infringement; often they’ve said they sourced the article from a PLR pack.

If you are going to use PLR articles, ensure you get them from a reputable source; and even then for the articles to have any real value, they should be substantially rewritten. Just use the article as the framework for what will essentially be your own piece – it will still save you a good deal of time.


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