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Online collaboration and meetings

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Saturday October 21, 2006 )

If you’ve ever tried relaying a complex concept purely by phone or email; you’d well understand how challenging it can be.

Many online projects are delayed in being rolled out and sales lost because of simple misunderstandings and communications breakdowns.

The difficulty in not being able to point or generally gesticulate and watching the body language of others in response to instructions, questions and information is certainly a challenge – not only in web development, but also when marketing your products to others.

As a qualified trainer, I certainly always found it easier to train a staff member, work with a client or snag a deal if I met face to face with the other party; but I chose to move away from that model some years ago for a variety of reasons.

I like a purely online environment wherever possible these days, it’s as simple as that. Still, I’d have no hesitation in going back to face-to-face environment if it meant not paying my bills otherwise i.e. only if I absolutely *had* to :).

In order to maintain and improve this purely online method of working, I started looking at online collaboration tools again after having a very positive experience recently with a partner who was running some excellent online meeting/webinar software. I’d dabbled with it in the past, but back then it was rather clunky, difficult for clients to use.. not to mention horribly expensive. It’s pretty hard to sell a concept or nut out a complex issue if the tools you’re using require a PhD. to understand them :)

Times have certainly changed – the new generation of online collaboration tools and the wide adoption of broadband means that webinars and online meetings are within the reach of most small business. You can run webinars (web based seminars) about your products to your clients, collaborate with developers, provide in-house training, deliver pre-sales presentations – all with just a few clicks of a mouse and with attendees only needing to download a small plugin; and without you needing to take out a second mortgage.

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