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Screen Resolution Statistics – Feb 08

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Thursday February 28, 2008 )

After receiving millions of emails on the topic, actually, not quite that many; I thought it was time to take a look at how many folks are running particular screen resolutions.

Based on 6 million visitors during Feb via’s network of sites, here’s how the statistics shape up:

1024×768 (47%)
1280×1024 (30%)
Unknown (10%)
800×600 (7%)
1152×864 (3%)
1600×1200 (0%)
640×480 (0%)

My own statistics show 800×600 to be around about 5%, 1024×768 at 40.33% and 1280×1024 at only 14% – but lots of weird and wonderful sizes in between that probably throw things out. The 800×600 figure has dropped from around 7% in September last year.

I still like to remenisce over 640×480 since I was stuck with that monitor resolution for what felt like a very long time in the early days – and out of the hundreds of thousands of visitors to my own sites in the last month, only 21 were using that resolution :).

So, it still seems like designing sites for 1024×768 monitor resolution is the way to go and to be quite honest, I’d be quite happy if it stopped there :).


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