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Internet Explorer 8 bugs

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Tuesday June 16, 2009 )

If you’re a web developer used to using Firefox and you’ve assumed that Internet Explorer 8 will be pretty much the same compatibility-wise as IE7 in terms of how pages display, think again.

If you haven’t updated to IE8 yet, I strongly recommend you do so and take a look at your sites as many folks are automatically upgrading when they run Windows update.

According to statistics from Market Share, last month 6.85% of people were already using Internet Explorer 8.

I’ve noticed a few problems when viewing a couple of projects I’m involved with in IE8 that weren’t a problem in IE7 – in particular float issues and lack of support for “canvas”.

The float issues certainly have workarounds (albeit somewhat fiddly), but in the case of canvas – there’s simply no support and it doesn’t look like there will be. At this point in time the only solution I could come up with is to force Internet Explorer 7 “mode” on affected pages using the following tag in the head statement:

According to Microsoft: “EmulateIE7 tells IE8 to display standards DOCTYPEs in IE7 Standards mode, and Quirks DOCTYPEs in Quirks mode. We believe this will be the preferred IE7 compatibility mode for most cases.”

Quirks mode?? What the hell is that? Looks like I’ve got a bit to learn :)

I’m sure these two bugs aren’t the only compatibility issues, so if you come across something there doesn’t appear to be an easy or immediate fix for, that tag could get you out of trouble for the short term.

I’m really glad I got out of the web design game for the most part some years ago.. this type of thing used to drive me nuts!


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