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Internet Explorer 6 – die already!

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Saturday August 28, 2010 )

Internet Explorer 6 is now 9 years old and increasingly becoming a headache for web developers. Even Facebook has had enough of it.

Facebook announced on Wednesday that in order to make improvements to its chat feature, it will no longer support Internet Explorer 6 browsers (just for chat).

Internet Explorer 6 is holding back web developers all over the world who want to implement new, useful features but continually have to waste precious time in dealing with providing support for recalcitrant IE6 users. Ugly workarounds need to be used and in some cases it can mean not rolling out a feature at all.

The simple approach would be to just not bother about these folks and steam ahead, but the problem is there are so many of them. I was just looking at some stats for some of my sites and it looks like around 10% of Internet Explorer users still use IE6.

It’s great that Facebook is taking this stance as it will encourage more folks to upgrade – companies like Facebook have far more influence than we little guys; but what needs to happen is for Microsoft to bite the bullet and end support.

My understanding regarding Internet Explorer 6’s end of life situation is that will be supported for as long as XP is supported – until 2014! It seems that corporate users are the worst offenders and Microsoft is bowing to them. But heck, they have had years to make the upgrade – and why would they continue to want to use a browser known for bugs and security issues anyway?


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