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HTML5 to kill off Flash?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Sunday April 18, 2010 )

Will HTML5 and devices such as the iPhone and iPad help bring an end to Flash’s dominance?

Some people have been scratching their heads about Apple’s decision to not support Flash, especially given Flash is so widely used for video and online games these days, not to mention advertising.

Apple appears adamant in its refusal to support it, saying among other reasons that it is a resource hog. I would certainly agree on that front; particularly when it comes to Flash based banner ads, many of which chew up some serious CPU time and battery power.

According to an article on The Economist; Apple may be banking on HTML5 filling the Flash gap:

“The attraction of HTML5 is that it is designed to handle audio and video internally, without the need for browser plug-ins such as Adobe’s Flash”

Experimental HTML5-based video players have already started appearing on YouTube and Vimeo.

So what the heck is HTML5? It’s the next major revision of HTML (HyperText Markup Language). Work on HTML5 commenced in 2004 and as of last month, it was still in Working Draft state at the W3C.

According to Wikipedia, the editor of the HTML5 specification expects it to reach the W3C Candidate Recommendation stage during 2012, and W3C Recommendation in the year 2022 or later.

That may seem an awfully long way off to be worrying about it, but many parts of the specification are stable and ready for use; so it wouldn’t hurt starting to get familiar with it now.

HTML5 isn’t just about video of course. For starters, you might like to check out this article on HTML5 and search engine optimization.


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