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Favorites icons

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Saturday July 19, 2008 )

The importance of having a favorites icon for my sites was again driven home to me recently when setting up a new notebook.

If you’re not sure what a favorites icon is, it’s the custom image you see associated with some sites when you access your browser bookmarks or favorites list.

After setting up my notebook and exporting all my browser bookmarks (of which there are hundreds), I set about to cruise some of my favorite haunts for news for the blog. While the bookmarks had come across no problems, all the favorites icons had gone as they are stored separately.

I had a heck of a time finding the sites I wanted to visit in my list during the first few surfing sessions as I’m so used to identifying them through their associated favorites icon – all had the default Internet Explorer icons instead. The visual cue of a favorites icon just makes identifying sites so much easier.

Do you use favorites icons for your site? If not, they are really easy to create and will help your site stand out from the pack in a crowded bookmark list.

Here’s a tutorial for creating favorites icons; plus it has some added info about making *animated* icons for that little extra edge :). Included in the tutorial is a simple bookmarking script to help encourage people to easily add you to their browser favorites list.


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