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Designing for the iPhone

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Monday August 6, 2007 )

I realized something today, I’m likely the only regular web technology/marketing blogger in the known universe who hasn’t written a single word about the iPhone

…I can’t stand the isolation and non-conformity any longer.

I’m not a fan of handheld devices and certainly not an early-adopter in this aspect – I make do with my family’s hand-me-downs. I miss the “ring-ring” sound of a rotary dialer phone and find cell phones to generally be a pain in the butt; but I must say the iPhone looks very alluring. I’ll likely get one.. after someone in my family gets one and tires of it :)… or if some kind TTB reader sends one my way ;).

They aren’t even available here in Australia as yet (December 2007), but it seems like the iPhone has been around forever.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in designing web pages for the iPhone; I’m not the guy to refer to, but here’s some basic guidelines lifted straight off the Apple site:

Stick with standards when you design webpages for iPhone. Safari on iPhone shares the same Web Kit engine as Safari on the computer desktop. It supports all the latest modern web standards, including:

HTML 4.01
CSS 2.1 and partial CSS3
ECMAScript 3 (JavaScript)
W3C DOM Level 2
AJAX technologies, including XMLHTTPRequest

The web is always evolving, and as it does, so will Safari. You’ll want to keep informed of the evolving standards emanating from WHATWG and W3C standards bodies.

Note: Safari on iPhone does not perform any code conversion, either by a proxy, or on the client. It renders pages as designed. It also does not render WML (Wireless Markup Language). It does support XHTML mobile profile document types and sites at .mobi domains.

For more info, here’s a handy page on the Apple site: Optimizing Web Applications and Content for iPhone


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