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Designing applications.. and sites

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Monday July 13, 2009 )

I just wanted to drop a link to a fantastic free guide. While it’s in relation to developing iPhone applications; a lot of the information can be applied to other online applications, and for that matter, web sites and online communities generally.

The guide, “Building PhotoKast“, was written by Ten23 Software, a company that specializes in web/mobile development.

It outlines the process used, mistakes made and lessons learned after the team challenged themselves to create a social networking iPhone application within a month.

This is a document for ubergeeks, seasoned entrepreneurs and and newbies alike. It’s incredibly well written and entertaining. They cover everything from choosing a domain name to setting realistic expectations, to customer support and running online communities.

Particular focus is also paid to some of the tricks and traps in moderating user generated content. I’ve been on the moderation end of censorship quite a few times in my career and it’s a really challenging area; particularly with so many people tending to yell about “freedom of speech” while not accepting that with freedom comes responsibility and accountability.

There’s also a very interesting section called Designing the Seven Deadly Sins. I’d never really considered application or site development in relation to eternal damnation, but I can certainly see the logic behind it :). I guess it’s an interesting comment on the nature of the beast; the beast being us.

Anyhow, you can view “Building PhotoKast” in its entirety here – kudos to Ten23 Software for a truly engaging document that seeks to educate more than self-promote!


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