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Content is king – even for ads

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Friday January 9, 2009 )

A recent survey has found ads on quality content sites raise awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent more than portals and networks.

The Online Publishers Association (OPA), a not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to representing high-quality online content providers, also found that 18-34 year olds are more responsive to ads on the content sites studied.

The OPA’s study was based on MarketNorms data; the industry standard method for measuring online advertising’s effectiveness and branding impact. The strong results for OPA member content sites outscored industry norms for the Internet in 47 out of 47 advertising metrics.

Other key findings:

– Sponsorships on member content sites is a particularly effective way of connecting with affluent consumers – with success scores more than twice as high as sponsorships run on portals.

– Brand favorability and purchase intent are 60%+ greater on these content sites than MarketNorms averages

– OPA Members’ message association scores were 85% higher than ad networks, and 54% more than portals

– Message association scores are 80% greater than with interactive ads on ad networks

– Large Ads on the OPA member content Sites were more likely to drive purchases and not seen as intrusive in this environment compared to portals and other sites

The fully study can be viewed here (PDF)

Whether you’re an advertiser or publisher – you just can’t beat original content. For publishers, aside from the financial benefits such as those above (the ability to attract high paying advertisers); good quality, original content is just fantastic linkbait, which helps in boosting your search engine rankings.


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