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Congratulatory Comment Link Spam

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Thursday January 19, 2012 )

Most blog owners would appreciate positive comments about their posts. However, sometimes these glowing glumps of text are nothing more than link spam.

Weeding out this sort of thing is a good idea as the more of us who do it, the less attractive it will become as a spamming technique.

Some of it is easy to spot; poor grammar and/or spelling stating something like “I rally like ur post” – along with a link to whatever product or service is being hawked.

Some are a little more clever and will actually put a couple of seconds of effort into their reply – but not much more.

Let’s say you’ve written at length on the topic of shopping carts. Said spammer will have a template like so:

“This is a great post about and has raised some interesting points I hadn’t even thought of. I look forward to reading more of your writing on the topic of .”

It gives the impression the person has read your article, but picking out the main theme takes mere seconds to do, sometimes just a quick glance at the article main heading is enough.

It becomes pretty apparent when you look at the URL associated with the username that it’s probably just another case of congratulatory comment link spam.

By allowing this sort of comment through, it may boost your ego a bit, but it means nothing. Others reading the comment familiar with the ploy may ask themselves quietly why you allow such crap to appear. All you do by allowing it through is perhaps provide a little ranking boost (if you don’t use nofollow on comment links) to someone who really doesn’t deserve it.

In my opinion, it’s better to have no comments at all on a post than that type of thing littering a comment thread.


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