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Company news web pages

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Sunday January 31, 2010 )

Many online merchants have company news pages, but sometimes they can work against a business rather than for it.

The biggest problem can be keeping it current. With so much going on in a business, it’s these little things that can be easily overlooked.

But put yourself in a prospective customer’s shoes for a moment. They are flitting around your site, looking for reasons to buy from you, but equally looking for warning flags indicating they shouldn’t.

They head to your company news page and the most recent item is dated 2006.

What does this say about your company? To some it might indicate your business hasn’t done anything noteworthy for nearly 4 years. No new products, no new innovations or features – you have stagnated. If the news section is the only part of your site that really indicates you’re still in business; it might even lead some to believe that your site is just one of thousands that has been abandoned.

While a stale news section may not be enough in itself to send a customer off to your competition, it could be one of a few “black marks” that combined have a very negative effect and increase shopping cart abandonment.

Even if your business hasn’t done anything remarkable recently, try to think of something to add to the page on a fairly regularly basis – at least once every three months. If you’ve moved to blogging your news in another section, ensure there’s a flag and link on the old news page to let people know about it.


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