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Choosing web site images

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Thursday March 4, 2010 )

I’m graphically challenged. That’s abundantly apparent. I prefer to focus on text. However, I do believe images play an incredibly important role on a web site. If you’re like me, how do you go about choosing images?

For image-challenged folks like me, we may know exactly what we want to convey through images, but have no clue how to convey it – we fumble through stock photo archives, sometimes spending hours trying to find the right image. Often its faster and cheaper to outsource the work to a graphic designer.

But maybe there’s hope.

I just read a very enlightening article on choosing web site images, written by Sandra Niehaus. It gives some insight into how a good graphic designer’s mind probably works when selecting base images for campaigns and general web site imagery.

She provides numerous examples of good and bad image choice and really goes into the “why” aspect. As you read through the various sections (the article is in 3 parts), you’ll pick up some tips that even the most image-challenged person can understand and implement. Particularly fascinating is the topic of using human faces – you’ll find that in part 3.

I never thought I could learn this skill – I believed it was something innate; either you had it or you didn’t. While this article won’t turn you into a top-notch image selector, it will save you a ton of time when selecting photos to use and will probably make life easier if and when you do utilize a graphic designer in your general communications; which can save money.

This is a keeper! Kudos to Sandra for such a wonderful tutorial!

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