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Skype “call me” links

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Saturday July 12, 2008 )

Given how long this feature has been available for I’m likely the last person on the planet to have seen it; but in case I’m not and you’re a Skype user, here’s how to create links for your pages and emails which will put a call through to your Skype ID.

Some people have been having trouble with the “callto” linking feature as that requires the Skype user initiating the call to have made the callto association within Skype’s advanced settings; however, there is another way around it that works whether that feature is enabled or not

It’s pretty simple:

Call me on Skype

Just replace SKYPEID with your own ID.

Here’s an example – feel free to try it out, you won’t wake me as the ID isn’t mine – it’s for Skype’s free test call service :) :

Call me on Skype

You can also pick up buttons here for embedding on your page, some of which will show your Skype status here.

If you’re not using Skype yet, give it a whirl. You can place free voice calls to other Skype users and their premium service, which is very reasonably priced, allows you to call to landlines, mobiles etc. just about anywhere in the world. I’ve found it to be invaluable when I’m out in the boonies where I don’t have a landline and even where I do have access to one, Skype is much cheaper to call overseas.

By the way, for a few bucks a month you can also set yourself up a phone number in the USA and 20 other countries with the SkypeIn service – it’s basically just like a regular landline number that connects through Skype. It’s a great way to make it easier and cheaper for customers in other countries to contact you.


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