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40% of small businesses site-less

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Thursday May 3, 2007 )

The results of a 2007 survey of 500 small and mid-sized businesses in the USA show 35% will establish or enhance a web presence as a growth strategy in the coming 12 months. That’s good news for designers and developers.

The figure is up a substantial 14% from a similar 2000 survey question.

The survey performed in March for the Small Business Association reveals some further interesting tidbits including:

Number of businesses that have a site:

1997 – 31%
2000 – 53%
2007 – 60% < --- That's 40% of small to mid-size businesses *without* a web site which I find pretty amazing. I believe a far lesser number of businesses would *not* benefit from a web site. That means there's a boatload of potential new development and design clients still out there. For developers and designers who are prepared to get a bit creative in their acquisition approach, who will hit the pavement to track these businesses down and can sell themselves effectively, there's plenty of contracts waiting to be scooped up. While much of the low-hanging fruit has been picked, here's some strategies for finding design and development contracts and a brief look at developing proposals.

The survey also showed only 36% of established small to mid-size business sites are ecommerce enabled. 20% stated that they would be implementing ecommerce capabilities in the next year. More opportunities.

The design/development market is far from saturated – it’s just that many of the business owners who would like a site really don’t know where to start and are nervous about the whole issue. Don’t wait for these people to come to you – approach them, be targeted and personal in your approaches; gain their confidence and your portfolio will be blossoming before you know it.

Read more of the National Small Business Association March 2007 Survey (PDF)


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