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Browser wars statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Friday January 4, 2008 )

It’s been a few months since I last checked, so I thought I’d take a peek at how things are stacking up in the browser wars.

According to statistics from and based on nearly ten million visits to sites in their network during December; here’s the scorecard:

1. MSIE 6.x (44%)
2. MSIE 7.x (35%)
3. FireFox (14%)
4. Safari (3%)
5. Unknown (1%)
6. Opera x.x (1%)
7. MSIE 5.x (1%)

Firefox has seen a 1% increase after several months at 13%. This hasn’t necessarily been at the expense of Internet Explorer, in fact IE gained a few points recently.

A few months ago, the NetScape family of browsers still had a solid showing – back in October it was at around 6%; but has now pretty much disappeared entirely. That’s perhaps due to Netscape identifying itself as Firefox now as NS is based on FF code?

As mentioned a few days ago, the death of Netscape has been officially announced – but that still doesn’t account for the discrepancy, unless Netscape users suddenly flocked en masse to IE; which would seem to be the case according to what I’m seeing when digging back on TheCounter – that’s assuming their stats are correct.

Anyhow Firefox fans, Internet Explorer is still king for now and don’t you forget it ;).

Sorry, could never resist the opportunity to poke a hornet’s nest and I have the injuries to prove it.. just kidding folks.

Don’t DDOS me bro’!


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