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Firefox Flatlines, Chrome Climbs

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Monday June 27, 2011 )

Internet Explorer and Firefox have both continued to lose market in recent months to Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Just to compare, here’s how things looked in the battle of the browsers in July 2010 in terms of market share:

Internet Explorer – 60.74%
Firefox – 22.91%
Google Chrome – 7.16%
Safari – 5.09%

Fast forward to May 2011:

Internet Explorer – 54.27%
Firefox – 21.71%
Google Chrome – 12.52%
Safari – 7.28%

.. a big jump for Google’s Chrome browser and Safari’s efforts aren’t shabby either.

If you haven’t checked out your site in Google Chrome, it’s probably wise to do so now as 12% market share isn’t a figure to ignore. Be warned though – if you start using Google Chrome, you may not ever want to return to your usual browser as it’s a very zippy application.

However, the very recent (and somewhat unexpected) release of Firefox 5 is certainly no slouch and it looks like they’ve finally dealt with that annoying, lengthy lag when initially firing up FF; which will likely win back some hearts and minds.

While you’re at it with Chrome, take a peek at how your site looks in Safari as well – if the current trend continues, it will be cracking the magic 10% mark by this time next year; likely as a result of continued iPad and iPhone uptake.

Thankfully, the browser wars of today aren’t such a pain in the butt as they were during the NetScape vs. Internet Explorer battle. Back then a page could look very different depending on which browser you used. For most web sites, these top 4 browsers should render pages similarly assuming a site’s coding isn’t incredibly old.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to check for cross-browser compatibility from time to time as display issues can make a difference to whether you land a sale or not.

(Browser share figures from HitsLink)


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