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Dealing with bloggers block

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Thursday January 8, 2009 )

Some days it’s just so darned difficult putting together a post – all the news seems rehashed or just too brief to create anything substantial. Here’s a simple idea to get around it which dawned on me today after spending literally hours trying to find something to write about for a news site I work with.

If you’re blogging or reporting on a daily basis, a slow news day can be an absolute killer. You can waste hours trying to find something to write about, tension rising as the unproductive minutes tick by. Sure, there might be a few good stories around, but often they aren’t really worth more than a couple of lines.

Aside from jotting down ideas as they come to you ahead of time for use on slow news days, as sometimes you’ll deplete your stash of those as well, consider just doing an industry round up post.

Take all those little snippets of current newsworthy information and just combine them to be a single post. You’ll still be providing valuable information to your readers; you’ll save time and a great deal of frustration to boot!

The round-up post is also good if you’re having a day where you simply can’t concentrate long enough on any one topic. The bite sized chunks are often much easier to write instead of having to pad out a 50 or 100 word item into a couple of hundred words.

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