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New blog trend discovery tool

Posted by Michael Bloch in web development (Saturday January 28, 2006 )

BlogPulse, a service from Intelliseek, is a blog search engine that provides reports on daily activity in the blogosphere.

For bloggers, there’s a few tools that may be of interest:

– A search engine that allows you to track topics of interest, who is linking to you and in what context.

– A Buzz-Tracking and Featured Trends tools that provide data on hot topics in the blogosphere on any day.

– A Trend Search tool for mapping buzz on topics, links to posts, blogs or site over a a given period

– A conversation tracker to chart interactivity on topics.

– Blog Profile where you can view your rankings and learn more about other bloggers and their influence on the blogosphere.

You can add your blog to BlogPulse for monitoring free of charge here.

Another blogging metrics tool I recently reviewed worth checking out is PubSub


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