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Unlimited Yahoo mail storage

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Wednesday March 28, 2007 )

Starting in May this year, Yahoo! will be offering their email users unlimited storage.

It’s a far cry from days of old when they first started the free email service – 4 megabytes was the cap back in 1997. Back then, Yahoo mail operations had a total capacity of 200GB. Yahoo states that they now receive more inbound mail than that every 10 minutes. The offer of unlimited space will apply to free and premium users.

So what happens next? Google’s GMail service will follow suit no doubt and Microsoft will do whatever it pleases with Hotmail per usual :).

Of course, if you don’t particularly like have a free email account with a company that plays a role in jailing Chinese dissidents and you really don’t need that sort of space – and you also have a green streak; you can always sign up for a free email account at – powered by 100% renewable energy. CommunityMail is also currently a banner ad free service and doesn’t tack on ads for mortgages on each email you send :).


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