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The web – an important part of life

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday April 20, 2006 )

10 years ago, some people would stare at you like you had arrived from another planet and ask “The InterWhat???”. Today, it’s an important part of life for many – essential in fact. 44% of American adults now spend time online on any given day.

Everything from deciding what car to buy, finding a job, helping others and even coping with illness has taken on a very web-centric slant for many millions of people.

A newly released study from Pew American Life and Internet project of 2,201 adults underscores just how important the Internet has become. Among the issues where the web played a key role:

Helping someone to cope with a major illness – 54%
Helping to cope with own major illness – 40%.
Further training for career enhancement – 50%
Investment or financial decisions – 45%
Finding a new place to live – 43%
Selecting a school or college for children – 42%
Buying a car – 23%
Changing jobs – 14%

When the same group was asked to compare online and offline sources of information, 57% stated that the online sources were of greater importance.

34% who used the web to come to a decision on one of the above drew on social networking resources as a part of the decision making process.

Surprisingly, people seem to be coping well with the influx of information offered on the web – in 5 key decision areas, only 15% had issues with data overload.

Read more of The Internet’s Growing Role in Life’s Major Moments (PDF)


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