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Host zapped, spam drops globally

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday November 15, 2008 )

It’s often said that relatively few parties are involved with the majority of the world’s spam – that is the spammers themselves and the hosting services who harbor them (where botnets aren’t involved). A US web host recently had its plug pulled for its alleged spam friendly practices – and the resulting drop in spam was dramatic.

Most hosting services hate spammers with a passion. I worked for such a company for many years and if something smelled like spam, there was little hesitation in suspending the account. Aside from hating the stuff, it’s just not a good way to do business. If you don’t pull the plug on these operations, your upstream provider will most likely pull the plug on you.

According to the Washington Post, the volume of spam mail sent globally dropped dramatically a couple of days ago after a Californian web hosting firm were zapped by their upstream. By a dramatic decrease, we’re not talking a couple of percent or the WP exaggerating for a good story. Supposedly, IronPort put the drop at around 66 percent and SpamCop about the same – both respected companies in the email security game came up with similar figures. That’s enormous.

As to further action against the web hosting company involved, the Feds are not commenting at this stage. This is probably the biggest single blow to spammers I can remember.

Unfortunately, the spammers will just move elsewhere – and likely to other countries where anti-spam laws are non-existent or rarely enforced. However, it was great to see the activity disrupted, even if it’s only for a short time.

This is only a short summary of what occurred – the Washington Post has a really interesting full article on the spam smackdown here.


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