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Web 3.0 – yup, already

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday April 5, 2007 )

Just when we’re all catching our breath in relation to Web 2.0, some are making serious forays into what’s being labeled as Web 3.0

Do we really need another Web x.0 at this stage? What exactly is Web 3.0 and how does it differ from Web 2.0?

It’s really just a further refinement in what we’ve come to know as Web 2.0 technology rather than a massive departure. According to this article, Web 3.0 can be summarized as:

– Media and marketing further blending with a user’s passion for expressing self and networking with others.

– A more professional look and feel to Web 2.0 applications

– A collaborative media experience becoming increasingly important

– Persistent avatars

– A parallel “you” in the online world involving more artificial intelligence

– Increased and more accurate filtering of content that is of interest to the user

– Interconnected databases and portability of personal information which could be shared between sites and social networks we are members of.

– A voyage of discovery rather than one of search

– Decentralized ecommerce.

The decentralized ecommerce is particularly interesting. As I understand it, instead of seeing an item advertised on a blog and then travelling to the merchant site, examining it further and then purchasing, in the Web 3.0; we’ll be browsing and buying products without leaving the page we are on. I can see this happening quite easily using technologies such as Ajax as it becomes further refined.

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