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VoIP awareness gaining

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Sunday April 16, 2006 )

Voice over Internet Protocol awareness has increased substantially since early 2005, with 47% of North Americans being somewhat familiar with the concept of VoIP, including the term itself, up from 36% in January of last year.

Of those not already using VoIP, 25% of are “somewhat” interested in using Internet telephony and 24% state they are “fairly” or “very” interested.

According to the survey by Harris Interactive, 26% of current non-VoIP users are likely to consider/buy VoIP services within the next 12 months.

In regards to those who aren’t at all interested in VoIP, the major reasons stated are:

– preference to use mobile
– landline preference
– low volume usage
– security
– uncomfortable with the concept of talking to a computer

The preference of using a mobile phone I can understand, but the other major reasons seem to still indicate a lack of consumer awareness about how VoIP actually operates.

In our household, we use both VoIP and traditional landline services, mainly due to laziness on my part of switching everything over to Voice over IP. We have noticed a substantial drop in our overall phone bills through the use of Internet telephony; so I guess I should get my butt into gear and save a pile more! The only other issue binding us to traditional landline is that our Internet connection is ADSL – therefore a landline connection of some type is still a necessary evil.

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