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March US Internet Usage Statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday April 18, 2008 )

Some interesting statistics were recently released by Nielsen Online; here’s a quick roundup.

US Internet user at-home and at-work March statistics

Sessions/Visits per Person: 60
Domains Visited per Person: 105
Web Pages per Person: 2,437
Duration of a Web Page Viewed: 0:00:52
PC Time per Person: 19:42:28
Active Digital Media Universe: 164.6 million
Current Digital Media Universe Estimate 220.6 million

While the current digital media universe only grew by .3 percent, the active group (those who used the Internet during the time period) grew by 1.4 percent (about 2.3 million) from February to March. So while the US market is maturing in terms of people going online for the first time, it appears existing users are doing so more often.

Nielsen states that of the 164.6 million users who were actively online during the month of March, 48.7% or 80.1 million were male, 51.3% were female. While the gals out number the guys, males log on 62 times a month, whereas with females, the figure is 58 – not a great deal of separation. Where this is substantial difference is in terms of amount of time spent per session and pages viewed, with women logging around 10% less of both.

Even so, given they are the majority of active users; if you ignore targeting and catering to women in your online business, you’re likely losing out in terms of revenue and perhaps in a big way!

Read more of the Nielsen Online March report (PDF)

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