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The half million dollar banner ad

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday October 22, 2009 )

Imagine you owned Twitter. How much would someone have to offer you to have a banner ad for their business displayed across the Twitter network for just 24 hours? Does half a million bucks sit ok with you?

According to Marketing Vox, marketing company recently offered Twitter $500,000 to place a banner ad on the site for 24 hours.

“While half-a-million dollars may seem like a large amount to invest in one banner for one day, we believe that the investment will be more than worth it,” according to CEO Leon Hill.

Sounds a little nuts? Perhaps so, but I’m blogging about it.. and so are probably hundreds of others. If Twitter doesn’t take them up on the offer, would have squeezed a ton of free coverage out of the stunt.

That’s creative :).

Whether Twitter will accept or not remains to be seen, however other ad networks are starting to make inroads into Twitter, such as, which I wrote about recently.

In other Twitter related news, the company says it has partnered with Google to index the entire world of public tweets as fast as possible and present them to their users in an “organized and relevant fashion”. The more interesting point is that it seems Google will be including Tweets in Google’s own search results!

How those will be presented is unknown at this point. I hope they’ll be somewhat separated and very well filtered – the idea of millions of “eating dinner” tweets littering Google is truly frightening :).


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