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Recent articles on TTB – April 07

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Sunday May 6, 2007 )

For TTB readers who only view my blog, post summaries via my RSS feed or aren’t subscribed to my email newsletter – you’ve probably missed out on seeing some some articles I’ve published in recent over the last couple of months – here’s a summary just for you!

Google and supplemental results
Seeing some or all of your pages listed on Google as being supplemental results? Read this artcile to learn more about the supplemental index and how to escape it.

The social bookmark effect
Social bookmarking services have the potential to direct a lot of free targeted traffic to your site. Learn more about social bookmarking and how to attract bookmarks.

Creating a business plan
The development of business plan, whether you’re an established or new online venture can be a very useful exercise. Learn why, how to develop a business plan and download a free template.

Scarcity as a marketing strategy
Using a scarcity tactic you can easily boost sales in your online business and the strategy is quite simple to implement.

Looking for partnerships?
This guide contains a series of tips to increase positive responses when canvassing online businesses for partnerships

Generate revenue from banner networks
Contextual advertising isn’t the be all and end all of revenue generation. Some traditional banner networks are still going strong and providing healthy revenues for publishers.

Boost subscriptions with popups
Popups are not dead, in fact they can be a great way of increasing subscriptions to your newsletter – I’ve seen increases of up to 600% when using this strategy on some sites. It’s all in the presentation. Learn more about using popups and take advantage of my free hover ad generator.


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