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Spending more time online

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday December 26, 2009 )

It probably won’t come as any surprise that we’re spending more time online than ever – and more of us are spending our cash via the Internet too.

According to a recent survey by Harris interactive, the average hours spent online have increased from 7 hours in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002, to 13 hours a week this year.

The Harris Poll of 2,029 adults surveyed by telephone between July 7 and 12 and October 13 and 18, 2009 also found:

– 20% of adult Internet users are online for only two hours or less a week

– 14% are spending 24 or more hours a week online.

– Those aged 30-39 (18 hours) spent the most time online

– 50% of all those online bought something on the Internet in the last month.

– 62% of those aged 30-39 made an online purchase during the previous month

– The number of adults online has plateaued at around 184 million

In just 14 years, the number of adults online in the USA has grown from 9% to 80%. The 80% is based on July 2008 U.S. Census estimate released January 2009 showing 230,117,000 total adults aged 18 or over in the USA.

It’s amazing how fast the medium has grown. It’s becoming harder to remember the time when the Internet didn’t exist and it eems like only yesterday I was dialing into the local BBS on my 2400 baud case modem, marveling at the technology that allowed me to connect with just one other computer :).


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