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The Printed Blog

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday January 23, 2009 )

We’re certainly used to seeing offline ventures increasingly going online; but this concept takes something uniquely online back into the offline world.

The Printed Blog will aggregate blog content by geographic region and add it to free local newspapers – actually, the entire newspaper will made up of blog content.

When I first read about this on the New York Times, my first thought was that it’s a pretty silly idea; but whenever I’m in town something I always pick up is the local newspaper as it’s free and fills me in on local happenings; the kind of stuff that never makes the bigger papers and helps connect you to your community. In fact, it’s the only printed newspaper I read these days.

Like many other free newspapers, The Printed Blog will be financed through local merchants advertising in each area newspaper and ad space will be able to be purchased online.

In this age of environmental awareness, it’s a bit of a shame in some respects that paper is being dedicated to something that’s easily accessible online. On the plus side, the blogosphere is so crowded (with crap) that the The Printed Blog could be a great way for readers to learn about good local bloggers; building up those blogs’ readerships. Additionally, it looks like some (all?) participating bloggers will get a share of the advertising revenue.

The content of the newspapers won’t just be just blog posts, but photos, puzzles and even blog comments will also be included.

The Printed Blog is currently in beta, but if you blog on local issues and you’d like to get involved, you can start submitting content now.


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