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Telecommuting takes off in the UK

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Monday September 17, 2007 )

Recently published figures from the UK show that 11% of their workforce carry out their jobs primarily on a telecommuting basis; that is, working from home. That’s rather astounding.

According to The Guardian article, 8% of the UK workforce are engaged in telecommuting jobs that utilize a computer and a phone. This is double the rate of 1997 and furthermore, the 8% is only up until 2005.

This is really encouraging stuff. I’ve been working entirely from a home office for nearly 5 years now and I certainly don’t regret it. While working from home does have some drawbacks, the fact I no longer spend *10 whole days* of my life each year in traveling to and from work is a big bonus, not to mention the cost saving in transportation, less consumption of resources such as oil and the associated negative environmental impact.

I wrote an article a couple of years back on the topic of telecommuting, oil and ecommerce you may find of interest. It was one of the first articles on Taming the Beast that somewhat revealed my green streak :).

What about you? Do you work a job that could be partly/fully carried out from home? Have you approached your employer about it? I’d be interested in hearing what their reaction was. If the answer was a knee-jerk type rejection of the idea; that article I referenced above has some links to telecommuting resources that may help you sway your employer’s opinion.

I suspect that many resistant employers are still concerned about confidentiality and productivity issues; but I think they are doing their companies, employees, bottom lines and the environment a great disservice by not implementing telecommuting strategies. The technology is there, it’s pretty solid, we should be using it more.


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