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Telecommuting- are we there yet?

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Wednesday December 28, 2005 )

I have worked from a home office environment full time for just over 4 years now, thanks to the Internet. I had almost forgotten what it was like to commute to and from the city daily until I read about the transit strike in New York last week.

One of the realizations that led me to strive to work entirely from home was the amount of time I calculated I was spending each day travelling to and from the workplace. It worked out to be something like 1.5 weeks of waking life annually – and that’s nothing compared to what some people lose.

Based on a week and a half per year, multiply that by 40. That’s over a year of my life I was going to lose in boredom and frustration in waiting for transport and then jostling with dozens of other similarly irritated people. Way too much, one day is even too much. Then there were the environmental aspects to consider. When it comes to workplace commuting, we’re rather like lemmings – all running headlong into self-destruction.

Sure, working from home does have its down side – you never really “leave” work, but the various personal and environmental benefits are worth that irritation – especially if you’re like me and somewhat of a hermit :).

I really don’t understand why telecommuting hasn’t caught on as fast as it could have given the number of us involved in administrative type work where face to face contact isn’t all that important.

If telecommuting appeals to you but you’re having trouble convincing your employers to let you work from home; you may like to point them to my article on telecommuting. Trying the environmental responsibility angle with them may work if all else fails :).


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