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Teenagers – online activity

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Tuesday June 13, 2006 )

Over a third of teenagers aged 13-17 years spend three hours or more per day online (outside of school) according to a recent survey and in the 4 hours per day group, the gals outpace the guys

The report from Burst media also shows that teens aren’t averse to multi-tasking in terms of offline tasks while also engaged in online activities. Again, females seem more comfortable with this than males, which isn’t surprising given that women are well known for their superior multi-tasking skills :).

Just over 61% reported have visited a social networking site – this surprised me a little as I was expecting the figure to be far higher. It’s possible that the question asked in relation to this wasn’t clearly understood by some of those people surveyed. For example, I’m guessing that many MySpacers wouldn’t know what “social networking” meant, even though they are heavily engaged in it. This was yet another area where females reported higher participation than males.

Other activities teenagers engage in while online:

Online gaming – 49.3% (higher proportion of males)
Download music – 47.1%
Downloading video clips – 39% (higher proportion of males)
Create/maintain a website or personal page – 27.4%
Download cursors – 13.7%
Download ring tones – 13.5%

Downloading cursors more popular than ringtones?? Wow, that’s very interesting. Personally, I find custom cursors highly annoying – I’m a vanilla cursor sort of guy :).

The Internet is also the most popular source for 13-17 year olds for locating information on music artists and bands.

Just to underline how important the web has become in teenager’s lives, nearly 29% stated it would ruin their day if they had no Internet access outside of the time they spend online at school.

From a $ point of view, the report states that US teens’ 2006 discretionary spending is around the $190 billion mark.

That’s a lot of ringtones and mp3’s :).

Read more of the Burst Media report on teenagers online (PDF)


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