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Spyware – nasty stuff

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday February 25, 2006 )

A recent incident a colleauge experienced related to spyware was the spur for my latest article; Spyware – definition, statistics, prevention and removal.

When we think of spyware, most often what comes to mind are deviate programmers wanting to take control of our computers – but the term really covers a wide range of applications from the slightly annoying, to mildly intrusive to downright satanic.

For instance, did you know that your own employer may have spyware installed on your work PC in order to monitor your activities – and it can be quite legal to do so? Yes, start scrambling to find your employment contract – if it says something like “we reserve the right to monitor employee computer usage”, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are doing it – but they have left the option open.

Or how about those windows alerts that pop up out of nowhere stating that there’s spyware installed on your machine? Unless you have consciously installed an anti-spyware application on your system, these are most likely generated by a spyware application.

Confused? Intrigued? Mildly curious? Just need to kill a few minutes while you’re downloading something else? Read my new article on spyware.


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