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Spam rebounds

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Sunday April 5, 2009 )

After a major spam platform was taken out last year, it seems the spammers have regrouped and our favorite form of email on the rise again.

Google’s Postini service processes and filters spam from more than three billion enterprise email each day. According to a recent report from the company, by the second half of last March, seven-day average spam volume was at the same volume seen prior to the shakeout of the spam-friendly web host in November last year.

Overall spam volume growth increased an average of 1.2% per day during the first quarter of 2009. Economic crisis, financial markets, job cuts, and resume help related spam emails continue to be the most popular topics spammers are using in more traditional attacks.

The spammers continue to evolve their strategies however and the most significant development recently has been appearance of location-based spam where users click on a link in a spam message and are directed to a page that contains a bogus news headline relating to their geographical area; usually a disaster of some sort. When the user clicks on the embedded video, malware is downloaded to the user’s machine.

As I always say, if only these spammers would use their power for good – they can be really quite clever and they’d probably make more money in a legit online business if they applied their creativity in a more constructive way.

Read more of the Google/Postini spam report.

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