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Major spam gang busted

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday October 17, 2008 )

Noticing less spam in your inbox recently? You *might* do soon as the FTC has announced the recent apprehension of key players in a major spam gang.

Charges have been laid in the USA in conjunction with New Zealand and possibly Australia & India against the HerbalKing spam gang, noted by SpamHaus as one of the biggest spamming operations in the world during the last couple of years.

There’s not only the annoyance factor that this group have caused, but some of the products they were allegedly peddling were downright dangerous. Additionally, the site collecting orders for the “health” products was found to be insecure.

After a request from the FTC, the US courts have issued a temporary injunction prohibiting the defendants (one of whom is Australian) from further mailouts. The defendants’ assets have been frozen pending trial in order that they’ll be able to pay any fines as the result of a successful prosecution – which in this case would likely be an incredible amount.

SpamHaus received more than three million complaints about spam messages connected to HerbalKing and believes the number of communications they sent out during 2007/2008 numbers in the billions.

The FTC states that some researchers believe nearly one-third of the world’s spam e-mail was related to HerbalKing’s enterprises.

Spamhaus notes that it’s still seeing floods of HerbalKing spam due to automated systems that continue to crank and perhaps because of cohorts of those apprehended who are working from other countries.


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