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Spam experiment results

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday July 3, 2008 )

McAfee, Inc. has released results of an experiment in which 50 people from around the world surfed the Web unprotected for 30 days.

In the experiment, users weren’t limited to the types of sites they could visit.

The participants wound up with more than 104,000 spam e-mails during the experiment. That’s 2,096 messages each – around 70 messages a day.

The top 10 spam types they received:

1. Financial
2. Advertisements
3. Health and medicine
4. Adult
5. Free stuff
6. Credit cards
7. Education
8. Money making, ‘get rich quick’ schemes
9. IT related
10. Nigerian scams

UK users were most likely to be targeted by Nigerian scam spams. From the 10 countries represented in the study, 23 percent of these scams wound up in UK inboxes.

Many participants also noted a decrease in the speed of their computers and an increased number of pop-ups as the experiment went on, the results of malware and spyware being installed without their knowledge via the spam they received and acted upon.

Participants in the U.S. saw significantly more (27%) “adult content” spam than any other country, with participants in France attracting the least with just 3%.

With many hosting services now using spam filtering at the server level, we tend to forget just how much of the stuff is flying around out there. Pressed for time, I allowed my server based spam filter to become outdated recently and while it was functioning to a degree, I was winding up with around 500 spam mails a day!

Online business owners are particularly at risk of spam overload as our email addresses wind up in all sorts of places and on many user’s systems that have been compromised. If you don’t have heavy duty spam protection yet, but you’re not getting much spam; I can guarantee you – it’s coming :).

Learn more about the McAfee Global SPAM Diaries results (zip 2.1 megabytes)

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