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Spam – 90% of enterprise email

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Sunday December 30, 2007 )

Spam statistics from data collected during the month of November 2007 show that spam continues to represent nearly 90% of the total email volume received by large enterprises.

The Proofpoint Spam Index for November also found:

– Image based spam continuing to increase for the second month running at just under 10% of spam email volume

– Microsoft Word Document spam at 4.74% total spam voluem

– PDF spam at 1.75% of spam volume; growing over 100% since October.

– MP3 spam on the decline

Can’t say I’ve seen many Word document spam messages coming through, but I do remember PDF spam being particularly bad in November. These were mainly pump and dump stock scam spams, but that seems to have tapered off this month. I’m not surprised MP3 spam is dropping off as it seemed to be a rather odd method – I don’t remember seeing any of those at all.

What I am seeing increasing numbers of are emails about “enhancements” – usually just a line or two long with a URL that always changes and often accompanied by a somewhat humorous subject line. They are being carefully crafted to get around services such as SpamAssassin – usually scoring up to around 3, making it risky to set auto deleting to that level as many legitimate messages can attain that score too.

While spam filtering is certainly getting better (if your host/ISP filters, what you *don’t* see in your inbox is phenomenal), it still seems the best way to keep a clean inbox is through a plug-in challenge/response service. If you’re interested in learning more about this type of spam filtering, you can give this free trial a whirl.


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