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Social network shakeup?

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Sunday July 1, 2007 )

Social network users aren’t the most loyal bunch of folks according to a recent survey, including MySpace members. This has ramifications for marketers – particularly those targeting specific teen/young adult groups.

With social networks such as Facebook increasingly opening their doors not only to users, but developers, there may be some big changes on the horizon as to where users establish their primary profile.

According to the Parks Associates’ report, “Web 2.0 & the New Net“, nearly 40% percent of MySpace users maintain profiles on other social networks such as Friendster and Facebook. One in six use social network users actively use three or more services.

With this sort of spread and given the viral nature of these services, social networks have great opportunities to capture more users through the breadth and types of services they offer and a chance to make their service the primary one being used.

This very interesting study by Danah Boyd provides her view on the many recent press reports about users leaving MySpace for Facebook and vice-versa. Danah has been studying the dynamics of social networks for around 4 years.

Danah states there is a change taking place in social network membership over the last 6 months, but more of a fragmentation rather than a shift. It appears a particular “type” of user is emerging on MySpace among teens and another type is leaving MySpace and calling FaceBook home.

According to Dana, the cross migration is somewhat tied in with socio-economic class issues. It’s an important study in my opinion, especially for marketers targeting a particular demographic in the teen market in order to determine where their efforts should be focused.

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