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Silver surfers go high speed

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Sunday July 29, 2007 )

68% of all European “Silver Surfers”, who are those people online aged 55 or older, are now accessing the Internet via broadband and broadband adoption in this age group is increasing at a faster rate than the average European internet user.

Gone are the days of the Silver Surfer being so hesitant about the whole “Internet thingie” and limiting their use to email. According to a recent survey carried out by the European Interactive Advertising Association; they are averaging 8.8 hours online per week and over three quarters of the time spent online is for personal pursuits.

Participation in forums by silver surfers has grown over 110% in the last couple of years and 18% visit a social networking sites at least once a month.

Mature folk are also learning about the possible cost savings associated with the Internet, for example Voice Over IP (VOIP). 14% of Europeans over the age of 55 are now making phone calls over the internet, which is 100% year on year growth.

Other key findings from the survey:

– 21% listen to the radio online
– 7% have TV shows and movies
– 7% are into online gaming
– 47% have purchased travel tickets online
– 61% regularly visit news sites
– 53% utilize online banking

Here’s an important statistic in relation to ecommerce – 74% those surveyed aged 55 and over are online shoppers, having purchased an average of 7 items and spending a whopping €830 (USD$1,136) in a six month period. That’s around $100 more than the average online shopper.

Something I’ve noticed about this age group in recent years is they are finding their own way to advanced services and more complex online exercises; and not so reliant on the younger generation to teach them. This is likely due to the increasing reliability stability of hardware and connections, the proliferation of user-friendly software,improvements to search and general site usability.


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