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Searching Twitter…via Google

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Monday March 8, 2010 )

I rarely search Twitter from Twitter for anything as the signal to noise ratio is just too low – but there is a better way to search. Who would have guessed it was via Google.. or perhaps it should have been a given.

First up, kudos to John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing for his article on using Google to search Twitter. He offers far more examples and explanation than I’ll do here, so if you want to learn a bunch more, go directly to that article.

If you’re too lazy to reach for your mouse or just love my style of writing, bless you, here’s a quick example:

By using the power of Google search operators, you can target a specific type of Twit.. I mean, Twitter user.

Let’s say you wanted to find marketers on Twitter – try entering this in Google (or click on the link)

intext:”bio *marketing”

All that does is to search all indexed bios on Twitter for the word marketing. To narrow down to a geographical location, it’s easily done like so:

intext:”bio *marketing”, “location *NY”

That last search brought up over 6,000 results.

This is only just scratching the surface regarding how Google can help you navigate the noisy world of Twitter to help find kindred spirits, potential partners or future clients. Really, you should check out John’s article – it offers a lot more tips!

If this has whetted your appetite to learn more about advanced Google searching, check out G’s lists of search operators that work with each Google search service, along with explanations.


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