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Search and win with..

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Tuesday March 20, 2007 )

MSNSearch ran a search and win competition a while back and judging by their lacklustre performance in terms of market share, it doesn’t seem it was such a raging success. Other companies are now tapping into the “search to win” concept and given their different focus, perhaps they’ll have better luck.

While these engines don’t have a hope in hell of knocking Google off its perch, or even any of the top 10 players, they still might turn a nice bit of green for their owners and partners.

Think teen, think brand loyalty, heros and role models for a moment. Now think Kevin Federline; no really, think about it :). He does have a following, so why not search with Kev and have a chance to win Kev merchandise or … gasp… the opportunity to meet the man himself?

Now go to

Once you’re over the shock, come back here for a moment :).

The way it works is that the site encourages you to make it your primary search engine and every day, random winning times are picked. The first search after the time is the winner of some groovy piece of Kev merchandise.

If you hung around on the site for long enough and ran a few searches, you’d have no doubt discovered the results aren’t the fare for search engine afficionados – and sponsored (paid) results feature heavily.

You can also download a search with Kevin toolbar. I wasn’t game to try it :).

Kevin Federline isn’t the only artist (?) involved, there’s Search with Meatloaf also and a few other personalities/bands I’ve never heard of.

Where’s Search with Metallica?

With teenagers being so loyal to their heros, I can see these celebrity branded “engines” making some decent profits. It’s just an interesting twist on a market that’s dominated by Google and nice to see some companies thinking outside the box a little – even if the “organic” search results in this case aren’t the best; but that’s not their goal.

Maybe it’s time for “Search with Michael Bloch”?

Maybe not :).


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