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Scamming the scammed

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Monday September 22, 2008 )

How do scam someone who’s already been the victim of a 419, advanced fee fraud, Nigerian, shipping clerk or whatever-the-scam-of-the-day is? Offer to compensate them!

The effort and creativity of scammers never ceases to amaze and sicken me. The gullibility and greed of people – the same. Sometimes once bitten isn’t twice shy.

Doing the rounds has been an offer from parties claiming to represent the BRITISH High Commission in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana, Bokinafaso etc. etc.

In it, it states I’ve been recompensed as a victim of fraud and an ATM card sent to me by the Nigeria Financial Intelligent Unit (NFIU).

(oh goodie – my faith in humanity has been restored!)

.. unfortunately, the card has been returned to the NFIU

(gasp – say it isn’t so!)

… but all I need to do is contact them to get a new card issued.

(yay! sweet, sweet candy for all!)

I guess the next step would be for them to require a “small fee” in order to have the new card re-sent.

While it all seems rather silly, I have no doubt that some will fall for it. In Australia alone, with a population of around just 20 million people, Nigerian scams still do well; netting their perpetrators around $36 million a year!

So if you hear a friend or colleague mention they are going to be reimbursed for a 419 scam they were caught out on; dig a little deeper as hardly anyone ever gets their cash back. Let them know that they’ve been re-scammed and they should immediately cancel their internet connection and sell their computer, because if they haven’t learned their lesson by now, they likely never will :).

On a related note, even if you don’t fall for the 419 scams yourself, if you’re involved with ecommerce, you may wind up a victim of a related fraud called the shipping clerk scam – learn more


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