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Recent articles on TTB – June 07

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Monday June 18, 2007 )

Only visiting the TTB blog or just getting the RSS feed? You’ve likely missed out on some articles I’ve published in recent times. Here are summaries of the articles I’ve written in the last month.

Questions as a marketing tool
Did you know that by posing questions to visitors in your marketing blurbs, you can increase your sales? There, perhaps I’ve piqued your curiosity by asking that question. Pick up some tips in this article.

Outsourcing sales and support
Outsourcing sales and support inquiries to a third party live chat service can be an economical way for small online business owners to boost their sales and improve retention while freeing up your time to build your business in other ways.

Best practices for contact form development
Contact forms might be the first point of contact a potential client has with you; so special attention should be given to this aspect of your site.

Rainy day revenue
One day it’s roses, the next it’s just the thorns. Success and failure can occur overnight when it comes to online business – here’s some tips and thoughts on how to survive the rough times before they hit.

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