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Most popular blog posts on TTB

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday August 26, 2006 )

The following is a list of some of the currently most popular posts on this blog for November 2006 in no particular order; based on the number of views. I’ll try to update the list regularly.

MySpace profile trackers
The real deal on this most sought after tracker. Do profile trackers really work? What’s MySpace’s view on them? Get the answers here!

Voice blog comments
A look at blog commenting systems where readers can leave their comments via voice; plus a free service to try.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday?
An explanation of these two important days in offline retail and ecommerce

Simple MySQL connection test
Your hosts says MySQL is working fine and the software author or your web developer says it’s not. Here’s a quick test to help narrow down where the problem lies.

Tell a friend script update
Details about the latest improvements to our popular free tell a friend scripts, plus support thread

Sad reshipping scam story
A very sad case about the depths that fraudsters will sink to in order to deceive vulnerable people – parasites of the worst kind

CD business cards
A look at a novel way of promoting your online business; particularly suited to web developers and designers. It may be a lot cheaper than you think.

Network marketing and MLM
Want to work work 2 hours a day in your underpants and still get all the luxuries of modern life and *without* having to sell any products? Watch out; you may be a prime candidate for MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

Global ecommerce vs. USA focus
It’s been reported that over half of the top 25 US web properties receive more visits from people outside the U.S. than from within, and in some cases, substantially so. If you’re just focused on the USA market, you may be missing out on big bucks

Embedding RSS feeds in web pages
Ever wanted to display RSS content in a HTML web page? It’s very easy to do thanks to a nifty and free application!


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