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To podcast or not to podcast?

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday April 7, 2006 )

While the term is now common and podcasting content can be found on many sites these days, like RSS webfeeds not so long ago, uptake appears to be rather slow – it seems only 1% of online households in North America regularly download and listen to podcast content according to Forrester research.

What is podcasting?

Podcasting, derived from the words “iPod” and “Broadcast”; is a term related to a method of distributing audio (and at times, video) content via an RSS 2.0 feed that supports attachments. Podcast content usage is not confined to iPod users and can be stored in many formats and played on many digital players, including computers.

Podcast consumption – the future

While uptake is currently slow; around 700,000 households in the US will listen to podcast content in 2006 according to Forrester, the company also predicts that in 4 years it will increase to around the 12 million US households mark.

To put that into context; Forrester expects MP3 device uptake to be close to 11 million households in the US during 2006, increasing to over 34 million households by 2010. Forrester estimates that just under a third of those MP3 device owners will be podcast content consumers in 2010.

So should companies forget about providing podcast content until then? Not necessarily.

Charlene Li, Principal Analyst on the Devices, Media, & Marketing team at Forrester states that while companies should perhaps shy away from large investment in podcast content development and delivery, many already have content available that can cheaply and easily be converted into podcast material – useful not only to consumers, but to employees.

Read more of Charlene Li’s thoughts on podcasting.

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